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About the Author

Jorge Montero, American novelist and short story author.
Jorge Montero

     Jorge spent his adolescence in Terrytown, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans on the West Bank of the Mississippi River.  Those long, sweltering summers were spent riding bicycles with friends up and down Terry Parkway and on the bike trails, in the woods behind the levee.  In 1978, he enlisted in the United States Air Force which led him to Wichita, Kansas where he settled down and made his second home.

     While on active duty at McConnell AFB, he pursued a higher education and was graduated from Kansas Newman College with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Industrial Management.  Soon thereafter, he left active duty and joined the Kansas Air National Guard which allowed him to pursue a civilian career without having to sever military ties.  His time in military service, particularly with the Air National Guard, provided him many opportunities to travel throughout Central America, the Caribbean and Europe.  After a brief period selling real estate, he landed a job with a major aircraft manufacturer.  Jorge continued his education, taking on a full load at Webster University where he earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.  He eventually became a Program Manager, responsible for creating and managing multi-million dollar aircraft manufacturing programs.

     When he is not working, his leisure time is spent on a wide variety of activities such as building and flying ultralight aircraft, sailing, bicycling, reading, motorcycling and fishing.  Jorge is a lifelong New Orleans Saints fan and he plays in a 32 team Fantasy Football League where he won the League Superbowl in 2013.  He feeds his inner geek a heavy dose of PlayStation games at least once a week and he is trying to learn to play guitar.

     In 2014, Jorge relocated to southwest Florida where he resides with his wife Rhonda and their two cats, Diego and Mr. Kitty.  On sabbatical from his management career, he is directing  his energy to writing and has several novels and short stories in the works.  Jorge is currently focused on a military action/adventure novel set in Central America.